Trade unique and valuable blockchain assets

Premier Crypto Digital Collectibles serves as an encrypto Digital marketplace for unique and valuable assets. We aim to simplify the process to authenticate and tokenize any digital asset one may own. As well as provide a simple and trusted marketplace to buy, sell and trade digital goods.

Buyback Policy

We may buy back all Proprietary NFTs END OF YEAR. This will allow us to adjust and create better opportunities for our community! If a Buy Back happens all features will END and new incentives will be added!


You will find collections of digital assets in our marketplace. Examples are the these and many more...

  • Non-Fungible Tokens

Team Hint

Currently Mark Savage, Artist & influencer is buiDLing away! He has a few strategic advisors that are assisting him to make something incredible! Exclusive has produce efficient telegram bots and we are happy to use them!

Digital Asset Management

Encrypted Digital Assets

The ability to create an Immutable file has now revolutionized the digital space as we know it! Now with the addition of "Non Fungible Token" Everyone will be able to customize any Digital item that may have! With Enjin ERC-1155 protocol this has shown Developers and Gamers a Multiverse of possibilities! Furthermore, interoperability will allow most blockchains to communicate with one another and enhance user experience like never before!

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Frequently Asked Question


All Auctioneers & Bidders must have a PCDC NFT to participate: Minimum NFT Paddles 50ENJ


All Auctioneers & Bidders must have a PCDC NFT to participate: Minimum NFT Paddles 50ENJ

Do the PCDC NFT properties work?

EX: If someone uses The Red Trinity NFT they can buy 3 and get one NFT for free (must be live & Available).
a. If you would like to auction please contact us on telegram to go over terms
We must have ENJ in escrow to cover any free items.

How can I mint my own NFTs?

If you would like to mint your own NFTs, or have a business that wants to integrate this technology please message us.

Should I answer a Private message to do a deal?

If someone PMs you with an offer or deal please use us for 'Escrow' if trust is needed!

What can I auction?

Rare & Unique 'Non Fungible Tokens'

Digital Asset Management